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Best Doctors in Turkey

Or should we say the best in the world? Believe us, we never exaggerate! In recent years, the names of many Turkish doctors have been mentioned in the field of international health. Turkish doctors continue to write their names in the world health history with their studies and discoveries. Moreover, being one of the best doctors in Turkey is not as easy as it seems, it takes years of serious schooling and then they have to do many years of practical work.

Some of the Best Doctors in Turkey

Turkish doctors who made a strong impression with their success and achieved great success in the field of health:
-Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil : Neurosurgeon of the Century
-Prof. Dr. Münci Kalayoğlu : The World’s Most Creative Pediatric Surgeon Alive
-Prof. Dr. Ömer Özkan: First Full Face Transplant
-Prof. Dr. Murat Digiçaylıoğlu: Treatment to Prevent the Death of Brain Cells
-Prof. Dr. Tayfun Aybek: The Golden Scalpel
-Prof. Dr. Hande Özdinler: A Revolution in ALS Treatment
-Prof. Dr. Murat Günel: Genius Turk
-Prof. Dr. Mehmet Oz: Also known as Dr.OZ in America
-Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin: Inventor of the Covid-19 vaccine
-Prof. Dr. Özlem Türeci: Inventor of the Covid-19 vaccine